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Staffordshire Enamelware England


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Add delicate British enamel boxes to your collection and shop this floral enamel box for sale. Stamped The Little Gallery, Stratford on Abon, limited edition of 500, number 16, made in England in the Old Bilston Battersea tradition, Staffordshire enamels, this delicate and elegant enamel trinket box features pink roses with purple ribbon and raised white floral ornamented motifs.

Handcrafted in enamel and copper, the box’s inside displays a hand-painted pink rose and a Shakesperian quote. “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.”-Romeo and Juliet, act two, scene two. This circular box’s exterior rim features a gilt decoration mounted trim and promotes an elegant and bold contrast between the white enamel ground and the toned gold rim. This box is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for unique gifts, or for someone that enjoys decorative Shakespearian items or literary-inspired decor. This box is also an ideal purchase for anyone that collects British boxes or British Staffordshire enamelware.


The box measures 1 inch in height and measures 1.8 inches in diameter.


The box displays light wear.

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