Jade Pig Paperweight

vintage hardstone carving


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Product Information

Decorate your tabletop decor with precious objects and shop this jade pig for sale. The Chinese zodiac for luck, overall good fortune, and honesty, this lucky pig carving is a charming object for your mantle place or tabletop decoration. As a unique paperweight or small decorative sculpture, this pale green jade hardstone carving evokes a calming presence and is a unique decorative accent for your home or office.

This is a brilliant gift for anyone that collects pig sculpture or was born in the year of the pig. It is also a fun decorative object for anyone who collects jade or animal carvings and is looking for unique small decorative items to place throughout their interior space.


The paperweight measures 1.7 inches in height and measures 2.4 inches wide.


The jade stone displays inclusions and imperfections.
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