About All The Decor

Founded in 2018, with dual headquarters in New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA, “All The Decor” is the brainchild of a diverse group of partners. Our team boasts over two decades of experience across various sectors, including art advisory, interior decoration, finance, and e-commerce.

Our vision was to bring value to customers by creating a platform that enhances the buying and selling experience. We pride ourselves on delivering a consistent, high-quality platform for sellers to showcase their decor, fine art, jewelry, furniture, vintage fashion, books, and more. At the same time, we offer buyers a marketplace they can trust for its reliability and consistency.

Our unique vantage point comes from being both sellers and seasoned buyers, with extensive experience in global markets and platforms. We intimately understand the expectations of buyers and the necessities of sellers. Our team is readily available to address queries via email seven days a week and offers phone support from Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm EST.

Currently, “All The Decor” operates under the adept leadership of Nan Harris. With over 35 years of expertise in art, antiques, collectibles, and home decor, Nan’s guidance ensures our platform’s continuous commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a community grounded in fairness and kindness within the realms of e-commerce retail and secondary market home decor. We are dedicated to shaping a dynamic marketplace that attentively addresses the needs of both buyers and sellers on a global scale. Our passion lies in elevating the market experience for all stakeholders involved.

The Stories of Things

Each item in our marketplace tells a unique story. Through these narratives, we aspire to champion sustainability and foster an eco-friendly marketplace. While our logistical needs necessitate the use of paper and plastic products, our primary focus is on curating items of enduring value that can be cherished for years to come.

Additionally, we are committed to enlightening our community by providing insights and articles that address pressing industry challenges. Our goal is to empower consumers with knowledge, making them more discerning and informed shoppers.

Contact Us

Please contact us regarding any inquiries. You can contact us directly through our contact form here. We are available Monday-Saturday from 9am- 6pm EST to answer any inquiries via telephone. We are available via email 24/7. Please allow 12-24 hours for a reply from a representative.

Phone Number

1 (800) 646-9726



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