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Please contact us regarding any inquiries. You can contact us directly through our contact form here. We are available Monday-Saturday from 10 am-7 pm EST to answer any inquiries via telephone. We are available 7 days a week from 7 am-10 pm EST via our email address below. 

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About All The Decor

All The Decor was started in 2018 in New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA, after our group of partners, had spent over 20 years in the art advisory, interior decorator, finance, and e-commerce industries.

We created this platform to do things better by creating an exceptional experience for both sellers and buyers, providing a consistent, high-quality platform that sellers can rely on to sell their decor, fine art, jewelry, furniture, vintage fashion, books, and beyond, and a market that buyers can trust to be consistent and reliable.

We stand not only as sellers but also as buyers having experience buying in markets and platforms worldwide. We know what buyers expect and what sellers need. We are available to answer questions via email seven days a week and are available for phone inquires Monday through Friday from 10-5 pm EST. All The Decor is currently managed by Nan Harris. Nan brings over 35 years of experience related to art, antique, collectibles, and home decor. 

Our Mission

Our mission on this platform is to create a fair and kind community within the service of e-commerce retail and secondary market home decor. We strive to accommodate a dynamic market that diligently serves buyers and sellers’ needs in a global market. We are passionate about making the market a better place for everyone.

The Stories of Things

Our items all tell stories. We hope these stories contribute to promoting a sustainable initiative, promoting an eco-friendly marketplace. While we do rely on paper and plastic products for our logistically needs, we aim to provide items of value that can continue their life of being enjoyed.

We also aim to offer insights and articles to discuss the industry’s issues to make shoppers smarter and more aware.