Victorian Glass Trinket Box

Circa 1890-1900


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Decorate your boudoir or salon with objects of Victorian fancy and shop this Victorian glass trinket box for sale. Dating to the late 19th century-early 20th century circa 1890-1900, this charming, delicate glass panel acid-etched trinket box is perfect for decorating your tabletop decor in the Victorian style while helping to organize your baubles, trinkets, and other jewelry and accessories.

the top glass panel features an acid-etched incised decorated bird motif, and the side glass panels of the box provide a transparent way to see int without having to open the box. This is a charming purchase for anyone looking to buy original Victorian period decor or looking to buy antique trinket boxes.


The box measures 2.75 inches in height and measures 2.75 inches in width.


The underside panel of the box has been replaced, and the metal frame displays tarnish and oxidation. The interior cushion displays wear and fading. The hinges display evidence of wear and imperfections, and the glass insert panels show defects, abrasions, and wear.

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