Islamic Brass Box

First half 20th century


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The Calligraphy relief is decorated with high relief decorated Islamic inscriptions—the well patinated tarnished surface with a great antique look for your interior tabletop decor—the box Iranian, Turkish, or Mamluk Egypt, in a Cairoware style and dates to the 1st first half of the 20th century, circa 1920-1950.

The box features a lockable latch and an interior with wood-lined paneling. The raised box dome perfect for storing small, easy-to-lose items or as a trinket box for anyone looking to capture a Persian or Middle Eastern interior syle. A unique tabletop accessory or decorative object retains its alluring antique appearance while also serving as a functional storage object for your space.


The box measures 6.25 inches wide, 4 inches deep, and measures 3.75 inches in height.


The box lid unevenly hinged, and the front panel of the bottom section with slight indent—the surface with tarnish and old remnants of cleaning wax—the interior of the box with warped wooden panels with cracking—the box with minor separation of the exterior brass panels and the joint edges.

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