Antique Medical Books

Discover our antique medical books and shop our selection of antique medical books for sale from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. We present a selection of rare old medical books as part of our rare books for sale as well as pamphlets, newspapers, journals, and reference catalogs on medical practices, health, and hospital operations and management from doctors, medical societies, hospitals, and scholars during the past several hundred years offering a unique assortment of old medical books. Our selection is perfect for anyone looking for antiquarian medical books.

Medical books have been around for centuries. While there are many collectible medical books that date to the early 20th century, or even the Civil war or medical books from the American Revolution, the oldest medical books date to 1550 BC Egypt, a text known as the Papyrus. There are many different types of medical books that are rare and valuable. Some medical books such as Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body written by Dr. Henry Gray and Dr. Henry Vandyke Carte have been revised over forty times and contain many versions and editions. Some early medical texts may have been drafted only once and are much rare and valuable because of that. A great place to start for new antiquarian medical book collectors is medical books from the 19th and early 20th centuries. These later collections usually are less expensive than earlier texts and can provide a unique and inspiring perspective on understanding medicine, science, and public policy.

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