21st Homeopathic Medical Surgical Hospital Dispensary Report Pittsburgh 1887

1886-1887, History of Medicine Collectible Book


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Twenty first annual report of homeopathic medical, surgical hospital and dispensary of Pittsburgh for the year ending March 31, 1887. Marked 66 pages to back of the index. Excerpt: “What a magical thing is a money! If you have enough of it, you can have as many hands as Briareus and use them to much better purpose. If you are rich enough, you can be, not one doctor, but a dozen. You can be in twenty different places at once and be helpful in every one of them.

I am not here to preach. And if I were, I would not preach a charity sermon, and that would be like scolding a congregation on a rainy day because the others stayed home. You need no appeal to charity, but we all need to get deeper into our hearts this thought, that such work as this pleases God, and this other thought, that all such work is done for our Lord himself-Rev. Mr. Hodges.” page 12.” With additional tables, accounting, and issues relating to the state of the hospital between 1886 and 1887. With interior engraving of the facility.”


9 x 5.8 inches.


The cover and binding with staining and wear.
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