Boston Medical and Surgical Journal 1869

November 25, 1869, Luther Parks M.D. Editor


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Collect rare medical journals and 19th-century science to your library collection and shop this Boston Medical and Surgical Journal for sale dated November 25, 1869. Edited by Luther Parks M.D. this journal included 12 double-sided pages. The journal also contains medical journal advertising sheets including advertisements for Medicinal pearls, an elixir of bismuth, elixir of hops, wine of ergot, Garratt’s electric disk and medical articles and selected papers related to death from chloroform and a sizable medical advertisement for Codman and Shurtleft’s apparatus for local anesthesia and atomization of liquids.

This journal is a unique and intriguing pamphlet from the 19th century of medical science and the inventions and understanding of medicine during that time. This journal comes to us from a long time collector of rare medical books and papers from the 19th century from the New England area.


The journal measures 11 inches by 7.5 inches.


The journal is fragile, and the binding brittle. The pages display elements of toning, and several pages are left uncut.
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