Marine Hospital Lot Buffalo Report 1836

Buffalo: 1836


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Report of the select committee appointed by the common council of Buffalo to investigate the subject of the Marine Hospital Lot, as made and accepted on Monday, March 28, 1836. Buffalo: Stagg & Cadwallader, printers to the corporation 1836. It is marked to ten pages.

Excerpt: “Your Committee are of the opinion that admitting, 1st, that the Legislature had the power to convey the title of said land to the company organized under the act of 1832, and divest the parties to the grant under the law of 1828 without their consent; 2nd, that the Trustees under the first act had the power to convey to the company under the second grant, and that by that conveyance they did not violate said trust and work a forfeiture of the land to the state; and 3d, that the procuring of the act of 1932.”


8 x 5 inches.


The book has creasing, toning, and wear—the interior pages of text with handwritten notes and notations.
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