1797 New York Dispensary Collectible Medical Book

Charter and Ordinances of the New York Dispensary


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Charter and ordinances of the New York Dispensary. 1797, printed by Hopins, Webb, & Co. Pine Street, marked 30 pages on the back, with a missing back cover. A report on the state of the poor and sick in New York City during the eighteenth century and the philanthropy and efforts to manage such care for those in need.

Excerpt: “As this charitable and benevolent institution has proved from several years experience to be of singular advantage to the sick poor of this city: it is not doubted that the same motives, which have hitherto influenced a respectable number of our well disposed of fellow citizens to give it their patronage, will continue; and so that it may be put in a situation to become more extensively useful, further aid will be indispensably necessary, which the trustees earnestly solicit. The epidemic which this city has for two years haft been sifted has multiplied the number of applicants for the benefits if this institution, and increased the expense to an amount, which the present funds are inadequate to discharged-Published by order of the board of managers-John Rodgers, President.”


7.25 x 4.50 inches.


With staining, the binding is lost, and the pages are loose; the print type in some places replacing “s” with “f,” the book may be complete or incomplete with no other reference of total page count available.
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