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The select colloquies of Erasmus, Erasmi Colloquia Selecta


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This book for sale Erasmi Colloquia on All The Decor, part of books for sale online, is a welcome addition for any collector. His easy-going, humorous writing style is a pleasure for any reader or student of early Latin. Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam was a Christian scholar and Dutch philosopher. He was seen as one of the great philosophers on education and wrote on the philosophy of religion, the language of god, and was one of the great philosophers on life.

A translator of the bible and the teaching of Jesus, his writing style is best described as a form of Christian humanism. His ideas on the theology of the body and the books of proverbs aimed to bring a new and modern understanding of the practice of religion, education, and society. Erasmus embraced peaceful cooperation, balance, and understanding and carried these principles into a heated debate, including the debate of the Reformation. His disciples were called Erasmians, and the term Erasmian implied these principles’ following. This work, Colloquies, was first published in 1518 had great meaning to those scholars of Latin and Greek. Colloquies in Latin meant a formal written dialogue, and as such, Colloquies is a collection of discourse on various subjects. These discourses began in the late 15th century as exercises for his students to practice and participate.

Between 1522 and 1533, Erasmus created twelve editions until he had written over fifty individual colloquies, including subjects as war, religion, society, class structure, death, and literature and writings. Each edition’s humorous style and light approach made reading enjoyable for generations. This work came to us from a small Northeast collection of early books that had been inherited through family. While not a first edition, this seventeenth-century edition hand noted 1664 is in highly presentable condition and should make a welcome addition to any library of rare and early books.


This item measures 7.75 inches in height and 5 inches wide, closed.


The book displays wear consistent with the age of this item, the vellum cover displays. Toning and light wear, the pages display some handwritten notations, a personal collection library stamp on the inside cover, with light staining and binding wear.

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