Japanese Antiques

Discover our selection of Japanese antiques. Shop Japanese antiques for sale ranging from Japanese works of art from the Taisho and Showa era of the contemporary Japanese master artisans and craftsmen of the Mingei folk are traditions to fine and distinguished antiques from the Meiji, Edo as far back as the Kamakura period. We have selections of fine and rare Satsuma pottery, Oribe pottery, Raku ware, Kutani, Mino Ware, Shino ware, and more. We also present fine Japanese lacquerware in a variety of styles and traditions of decorative works of art and a stunning collection of ojime beads from the Edo and Meiji era masters.  We present fine Netsuke from the masters of Edo period and Meiji period from wooden Netsuke, ceramic Netsuke, and more. We have a unique presentation of Japanese mixed metals and fine Japanese bronze arts and present  Japanese woodblock prints for sale for anyone looking to purchase antique Japanese wall art for their interior space. 

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