Chinese Art Stephen Bushell

Dated 1909 Leather Bound Editions 2 Volumes


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Bring this lovely gilt leather-bound edition of Chinese Art by Stephen Bushnell into your library collection on Asian and Chinese art. The box features an ornate marbled paper interior with black leather-bound spines and corners with gilt decorated incised titles. In two volumes, Chinese Art I and Chinese Art II, each stamped Bushell L.S.N. Second edition revised. Each book complete and is sold with all included illustration plates.

The inside cover of the bookmarked with 104 illustrations and is the second edition revised. The book visits a concise study of Chinese architecture, sculpture, and painting and examines the disciplines of Chinese bronze, ceramics, and pottery, in the context of Chinese arts and in the civilization of China. Bushell, 1844-1908, an English doctor and orientalist in the study of Chinese ceramics, coins, and a study of the Tangut script, stresses the importance of understanding a culture’s arts in order to best understand a cultured society. A fine example of an early 20th-century study on Chinese arts and a wonderful library edition perfect for any serious Chinese art reference book collection.


Each book measures 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches.


The books display wear to the leather bindings and corners with some loss, cracking, and fading. The leather would be recommended for conditioning—the interior covers with several minor pencil markings referencing cataloging information.
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