Vintage Brass Table Bell

Early 20th century


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Product Information

Vintage brass table bell dating to the early 20th century circa 1900-1930. The even domed shaped table bell a unique antique or vintage style fixture perfect for a vintage themed lobby or old hotel style interior. The bell is decorated with a tiled edge and has a well-oxidized finish with a great antique or vintage look.

The bell has a high-pitched ring, and the underside of the bel features two screw brackets so the bell can be mounted firmly onto a tabletop or other surface. The brass bell has a great old or vintage look for anyone looking for old lobby bells or antique fixtures for a commercial space.


The bell measures 2.1 inches in height and measures 2.9 inches in diameter.


The bell displays surface oxidation and rusting on the underside of the bell and surface abrasions.
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