Fairing Trinket Box

19th century Victorian period


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Adorn your tabletop decor with elegant and cozy Victorian-era objects and shop this fairing trinket box for sale. Dated to the 19th century, this delightful and inspiring porcelain ceramic oval box is a perfect addition for your mantle, coffee table, desk, or shelf when you are on a mission to fill your home with stylish and unique decor.

In the shape of an oval 18th century Neoclassical table, and tea service complete with teacups, a coffee pot, and teapot, this lovely porcelain box is suitable for storing trinkets, small objects, or serving as a stand-alone decorative item to help accentuate your tabletop decor for your interior style. Originating during the Victorian era, china fairings were prizes at fairs in the Victorian era and present precious and unique decorative objects for anyone looking to create inspiring interiors.


The box measures 4.7 inches in height and measures 5.3 inches wide.


The box displays elements of gilt decoration and blue painted decoration with wear. Several of the lid ornaments show adhesive support and stabilization.

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