Chinese Art Books

Discover our Chinese art books on a range of subjects from Chinese painting books, Asian art, books on Chinese ceramics, books on the imperial collections of Chinese porcelain, jade, jadeite, bronze, and oriental ceramics. Our selections include books on Chinese art from the British Museum and the Tokyo National Museum, including The World’s Great Collections: Oriental Ceramics, Chinese art reference books, Chinese art history books, Chinese art auction catalogs, books from the personal collections of Chinese art dealers, and collectors C.T. Loo and Robert Ellsworth. Our rare books for sale include old Chinese art books on Chinese archeology by Osvald Siren, books on the history of Chinese Buddhist Sculpture, books on Ming and Qing dynasty ceramics, ancient Chinese art. We also present rare Chinese art auction catalogs from Christie’s and Sotheby’s, The American Art Galleries, and more. We list new items for sale every day and offer free domestic shipping on all orders.