Chinese Ceramics, Jades, and Works of Art Sothebys

Hong Kong, 5-22-86


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Shop this Chinese Ceramics, Jades, and Works of Art Sothebys auction catalog for sale. Lots 301-459. Most lots have black and white images in a separate index and are estimated in Hong Kong currency. Sotheby’s, Hong Kong, Thursday 22nd May 1986. 301 A pair of Shufu flower-shaped bowls, 14th century; 302 A small splashed Yingqing box and cover, Song dynasty; 303 A Longquan celadon fluted bowl, Song dynasty; 304 An unusual northern celadon bowl, Song dynasty; 305 A carved Dingyao dish, Dong dynasty; 306 A small white-glazed jar and cover, Song dynasty; 307 A white-glazed ewer, 10th century; 308 A Yingqing ewer and cover, Song dynasty; 309 A carved Longquan celadon garden seat, Ming dynasty; 310 A rare Ming Wucai box, Wanli mark, and period; 311 A pair of barbed Wucai dishes, Wanli; 312 A blue and white tripod censer, Ming dynasty 313 A pair of green-glazed pottery figures of attendants, Ming dynasty; 314 A rare dated blue and white saucer dish, dated the Winter of the second year of Yongzheng; 315 A set of seven blue and white saucer dishes from different resign marks, seal marks, and period of Kangxi, Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Xiangfeng, Tongzhi; 316 An unusual blue-ground slip-decorated vase, 18th century; 317 A blue and white sleeve vase, transitional; 318 A blue and white brush pot, Kangxi; 319 A blue and white vase, Qianlong; 321 A blue and white Yenyen vase, Kangxi 322 A blue and white vase, Kangxi; 323 A pair of blue and white dishes, Qianlong seal marks, and period; 324 A blue and white month cup, Kangxi mark, and period; 325 A fine blue and white three friends dish, Guangxu mark and period; 326 A fine blue and white deep bowl, Daoguang seal mark, and period; 327 A blue and white three friend cup, Yongzheng mark, and period; 328 A small pair of iron-red and underglaze-blue dragon dishes, Jiaqing seal marks, and period; 329 A small pair of blue and white saucer dishes, Kangxi marks and period 330 A copper-red decorated bowl, Daoguang seal mark, and period; 331 An attractive copper-red and underglaze-blue decorated saucer dish, Kangxi ; 332 A blue and white stem cup, Qinglong seal mark, and period.


10.5 x 8.25 inches.


The book has light edge wear and mild creasing.
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