Chinese Works of Art and Paintings Sothebys Parke Bernet 1978

September 26th and 27th 1978


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Shop this Chinese Works of Art and Paintings Sothebys Parke Bernet auction catalog for sale. The catalog marked: September 26th and 27th, 1978. Sotheby’s Parke Bernet Inc. New York. Sale 4154. 508 lots, Most lots with black and white images.

1 Attributed to Yuan Ching: Rocks and banana tree; 2 Portrait of a scholar and calligraphy attributed to Wen Zhengming: Anonymous; 3 Attributed to Sheng Maoye: Mountain landscape; 4 Attributed to Kao Chein: Landscape in the style of Shen Zhou; 5 Attributed to Wang Wu: Birds, and flowering prunus ; 6 Attributed to Chang Wu: Hawk, rock and flowering branch; 7 Attributed to Chang Anchi: Birds and willow branches; 8 Attributed to Chang Nan-Sha: Pheasants ; 9 Attributed to Tai Chin-Ming: Falcon; 10 Anonymous: Hundred Cranes; 11 Style of Ch’ien Hsuan: Squirrels and flowers; 12 Style of Chou Chen: River and mountain landscape; 13 Attributed to Chiang Pu: Two album leaves depicting a squirrel on a plant and a grasshopper on a flowering plant; 14 Attributed to Chen Hsu-Chou: Prunus and moon ; 15 Attributed to Sun Chien-Kao: Iris, fungus, and rock; 16 Style of Chein Kung: River landscape. Chien Kung was a Ming dynasty artist of the Wan Li period and is known for his paintings of landscapes and figures; 17 Attributed to Wen Ting: Landscape: Landscape. Wen Ting ( 166-1852) was a descendant of Wen Zhengming (1470-1559) and painted landscapes, pine, and rocks; 18 Attributed to Tai Hsi: Scholar, bamboo, and mountains. Tai Hsi was a court official that worked in the Qing landscape masters style. We committed suicide during the Taiping rebellion.; 19 Anonymous: Two women; 20 Anonymous: Ancestor portrait.


8.5 x 9 inches.


The book has wear to the cover and light wear to the internal pages—overall good condition.
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