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Belgian Landscape Painting

By Cornelis Van Leemputten 1841-1902


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Product Details

Celebrate the timeless elegance of old master paintings and shop this Belgian landscape painting for sale. Painted by Belgian artist Cornelis Van Leemputten (1841-1902), he was best known for his paintings of farmyard paintings of sheep and roosters, and his tranquil landscapes of the Antwerp and Belgian countrywide.

This painting displays a combination of Leemputten’s fascination with the calming reassurance of domestic farm animals and the lavish countrywide and rolling pastures of his native lands. This painting is a relaxing and elegant presentation celebrating the subtle expressions of the colorful and vibrant roosters, and the soft organic contrast of the pale blue sky and the lush grassy fields. This painting is a fantastic purchase for anyone that is looking to buy an elegant and colorful wall art painting to add charm and color to brighten up their interior decor painted by a Belgian master painter of the 19th century. The painting signed Cornelis Van Leemputten in the lower left hand corner of the painting and collected from a New England fine art collection.

Size Information

The board measures 7 inches by 9.5 inches.

Condition Report

The painting surface displays surface abrasions, varnish yellowing, and the edges of the painting board retain linen tape mounting.


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