American Realism Drawing

regionalist style of norman rockwell, circa 1930s


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Dive into the regionalist nostalgia of the 1930s and the idyllic picture of the Saturday Evening Post and shop this American realist drawing for sale. Dated to the 1930s, this charming illustration art portrait evokes the ideals of an earlier optimistic era, in the style and manner of the regionalist artist Norman Rockwell.

This distinctive original drawing created in pen and ink on artist board is a refreshing discovery for collectors of vintage illustration art. This drawing is also an uplighting addition to your interior decoration—the figural depicting a man sitting in a chair with a smile and optimism is all that was great about American illustration art, realism, and regionalist art of the early 20th century. This refreshing and bright image is a charming and warm addition to your wall art and interior decor. It is perfect for a variety of vintage or retro American or American midwestern decorative styles.


The sheet measures 10.9 inches by 7.75 inches.


The image displays elements of staining and toning to the thick paper board, with trimmed margin edges and edge abrasions.
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