Silver Antique Scissors

Grapes on The Vine Motif Circa 1900 early 20th century


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ender antique elements of utility for your home and garden and shop these antique silver scissors for sale. A dazzling addition for anyone looking to buy antique shears or scissors, this item displays unique and well-articulated high relief decorated sterling silver handles with the grapes and vine theme or vino silver theme. The motif is also related to the familiar Bacchus silver motif or the god of the grape harvest.

A wonderful table decor object these well patinated antique scissors marked sterling on the handle edge is a wonderfully decorated antique tool for anyone that is looking to buy unique antique table objects or collects antique scissors. The steel blades are sturdy and would be able to be sharped for added cutting power light utility and cutting needs—the scissors date to the late 19th or early 20th century, circa the Victorian or Edwardian era, and displays a partial W metalsmith or silversmith markers stamp on the handle edge.


The scissors measure 6.35 inches in length.


The scissors display elements of tarnish and light wear.

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