Pennsylvania Hearth Fork

18th/19th-century German or Dutch Pennsylvania


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Product Information

This wonderful Pennsylvania hearth fork for sale dates to the 18th or early 19th century. The exquisite hand wrought scrolls that flank the center shaft’s left and the right side is a fascinating and highly ornamental detail that makes this item of kitchen utility a masterwork of early American metalwork folk art ideal for crafting a guanine farmhouse decor or American folk art decor interior.

The surface patina is a mixture of washed black and oxidized metal and is a monument to the early German and Dutch craftsman’s talent and skill. A unique antique tool, this item was acquired in Pennsylvania at auction in the 1960s and was part of a museum collection with accession numbers located on the far handle end. A wonderful addition for wall decor as a genuine American primitive metalwork decorative object.


The fork measures 17.50 inches in length and measures 3 inches wide.


The ornaments with bends and imperfections, the metal surface displays tarnish and rusting consistent with the item’s age and use. The handle displays a red hand-painted catalog number 64.40 on the back handle edge.
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