European Wax Mold

probably 18th century


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Product Information

Crafted in high relief decoration, this antique European wax mold panel for sale is a wonderful primitive element to add to your wall decor stylings. Composed of 10 scenic panels depicting aspects of folklore and fall harvests, this fantastic unique find is a charming and rare element to add to your interior.

The panel presumably dates to the late 18th century and appears to be Northern European and possibly German in origin. Each panel is delicately articulated and, as a whole, has been lacquered and glazed to preserve its surface. With wonderfully animated scenes of Rabbits, game birds, Mermaids, religious figures, wolves, angels, and wolves, this is a unique primitive element that would be best suited to be framed and mounted as wall decor for your interior.


The plaque measures 8 inches in height and measures 4.10 inches wide.


The plaque has various abrasions and surface imperfections. The wax mold has been lacquered and glazed.
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