Blackburn Botha England Fighting Plane Cracker Jack Card

1940s, Aeroplanes Trading Cards Series - Series C - 28 cards


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Product Information

For sale is an original Blackburn Botha England Fighting Plane Cracker Jack Card. The front of this vintage 1940s trade card has a colorized lithograph. The reverse of the card includes historical facts on the plane as well as the trading card’s serial number. The card is from the AEROPLANES collection. This card is in the C series of 28 cards. A perfect purchase for collectors of vintage Cracker Jack trading cards and collectibles.


The card measures 2.3 x 3.5 inches.


The picture shows the card that is to be sold. The card displays fading, toning, and wear on the surface, as well as surface abrasions. The card does not include the grey margin.

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