U.S. Revenue Stamp

50 Cents Internal Revenue Surety Bond


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Product Information

Enjoy the collection of fine U.S. antique stamps and shop this U.S. revenue stamp for sale. Hand dated 1866, this fifty-cent United States revenue stamp surety bond, is a fine example and specimen for anyone interested in philately. The example of the U.S. revenue stamp was a result of the civil war in 1862 in which the United States government on behalf of the corresponding Union Army began taxing services, goods, services, and legal dealings. To confirm and distinguish if the appropriate taxes were paid, a purchased stamp would be affixed to the taxed item generating revenue for the U.S. government to continue to cover war-related expenses.

The color of the stamp is a warm and wash cobalt blue, and a center image of George Washington is placed center. This is a bold and colorful item for anyone that is looking for antique or collectible stamps to buy for or someone that is also an ephemera collector and is looking for a stand out accent.


The stamp measures 2.25 inches by 0.80 inches.


The item displays elements of toning, light staining, and residue on the reverse—the front with pen and ink inscription with a date. Please note the framed wall display may vary in size from the picture shown. This item is sold unframed.
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