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Ed Dorn “Hello, La Jolla” Serigraph San Francisco 1976


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Include poetry and abstract prints into your wall decor and shop this hello poem art print for sale. Written by poet Ed Dorn, this vintage serigraph art print incorporates vibrant and thoughtful prose that adds elements of imagery and words to your interior decor. The poem:

From Hello, La Jolla,

This is the picture. The Doctors are the wolves. Who, time past, followed the caribou, the sick, lame, merely dying. Falling away along the leading edge of the migration, the herd now slide into the margin with really awful anticipation under the dry sun, between the sea and the inhospitable montes, which, if the wind is right scatters their curtain of excrementum, permitting a view of the East from whence they came.

Let us dwell, for a moment, on this usage, for there is a certain nature embedded in the principle of our machines. “That which is cast out of the body by any of the natural emunctories” and “It will please his grace to dallie with my excrement…” and again, from Milton, “our whiteness is but an excremental whiteness.” Fire gave us movement, that was our contract. That’s not topical. So this is a picture of an old, old habit. This runne to the sunne.-Ed Dorn, San Francisco 31, January 1976.

Created with organic toned pigments of muted yellow, green, and black, this art print displays words and images in an alluring way that adds contemplative thought and artwork to your interior. Perfect for a range of interior styles from boho decor to modern contemporary interiors, this vintage art print is a unique and thoughtful add for anyone that enjoys poetry, poetry-related works of art, or vintage art prints and serigraphs.


The sheet measures 17.25 inches by 13 inches.


The sheet with roughly finished edges, and the paper displays light toning.The bottom edge of the sheet displays handwritten catalog notations.
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