Heart Paperweight

iridescent art glass


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Product Information

Decorate your tabletop decor with iridescent art glass and shop this heart paperweight for sale. Paperweights add a vibrance and dazzling texture as decorative objects and objects of utility, helping you organize your loose papers and also adding unique interior accents for your home and office.

This hand-blown glass paperweight presents an alluring and visually stunning addition for your interior, helping to add joyful hues of color and texture to an area of your space that can help highlight your tabletops that need more color and texture. This glass paperweight is an ideal purchase for anyone that collects glass paperweights or is looking for unique small home accents and objects for their tabletop decor. It is also an excellent gift idea for anyone that you want to give your heart to! The paperweight is signed RHAG on the underside base and dates to the 1990s-2000s.


The paperweight measures 1.25 inches in height and measures 2.75 inches wide.


The paperweight displays minor surface imperfections and minor “flea-bites” visible under magnification.
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