American Folk Art Winter Painting

19th century, circa 1860 - oil on board, gilt decorated frame - winter farmhouse scene


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Shop this American folk art winter painting for sale. This antique 19th-century oil painting dates to the mid 19th century circa 1860. The primitive outsider art painting depicts children at play on a winter day, a horse-pulled carriage, children on a sled in the foreground, and a farmhouse in the background.

The painting comes to us from a New England farmhouse dated back to 1880, and this painting was held through generations of single-family ownership. The gilt-decorated frame has a vibrant gold color and a molded lead design.


The painting measures 9.50 x 7.75 inches. The frame measures 12.25 x 10.50 inches.


The gilt decorated frame with minor chips and surface wear. The painting with light abrasions and surface wear.
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