German Mettlach Stein

Heinrich Schlitt for Villeroy and Bach 3090


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Celebrate German traditions for your tabletop decorations and kitchen decor and shop this German Mettlach Stein for sale. Entitled Two Women and a Guitar Player, this early 20th-century Mettlach stein by Villeroy and Bach is signed by German artist Heinrich Schlitt 1849-1923. Schlitt was known for his illustrations and paintings of dwarfs, legends, gnomes, and fairy tales. Many of his works appear on collectible German beer steins and particularly Mettlach steins by Villeroy and Bach.

The stein is decorated as the tile suggests, with two women and a guitar player. The stein is also decoration with a wonderfully scripted German calligraphy “Gaeb’s hier nicht schone Madel und nicht das gute Bier und nicht die dicken Kno del, ich kehrte nicht ein hier.” IN English, translating to “If there were no beautiful girls and no good beer or the big dumplings, I would never show up here.” The lid of the stein also features a charming half-moon illustration. The underside of the stein marked Mettlack, VB, “Villeroy and Bach” and Gesgesch 3090 II, 06 with various signatures of Heinrich Schlitt, H. Schlitt. This half-liter lidded stein is a wonderful purchase for anyone that collects breweriana, stoneware steins, or collectible Mettlach steins.


The stein measures 6.5 inches in diameter and measures 3.5 inches in diameter.


The stein displays minor wear and imperfections to the stoneware tankard. The pewter mounts display tarnish.
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