Chinese Clay Teapot

Yixing Zisha style teapot 20th century


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Celebrate the Chinese scholarly aesthetic of Chinese teaware and shop this Chinese clay teapot for sale. Decorated in Chinese calligraphy and a delicate nature landscape scene, this elegant and majestic purple-toned Yixing Zhisha style teapot is handcrafted with bamboo decorated spout and handles unglazed clay.

An ideal decorative accent for tabletop decor, decorative tea sets, and Chinese teapots create a mood for tranquility and clam and are perfect for a variety of interior moods, including anyone decorating in zen’s mood decor. This teapot is in the Zisha and Yixing traditional style and closely resembles Zisha purple clay’s dark brownish-purple palette. This teapot dates to the mid 20th century and most probably comes from the post republic period (1912-1949) of traditional Chinese decorative arts dating, making this item vintage 20th century. The teapot is signed and inscribed in several areas and is incised with a high relief stamped artist seal on the teapot’s underside base.


The teapot measures 6.1 inches in length and measures 3 inches in height.


The teapot displays abrasions and imperfections. This item is intended for decorative use only.
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