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S. Kirk & Son antique Sterling silver


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Bring elegance to the dinner table and your kitchen decor and shop this repousse serving spoon for sale. Crafted by S. Kirk and Son by what is now referred to as the Steiff company, this wonderful and dynamic antique large casserole spoon or serving spoon is vividly decorated in the splendor of the celebrated high relief decorated repousse pattern.

Samuel Kirk did not invent the metal making process of repousse, as the ancient technique has been used for thousands of years. The Greeks included this process into their jewelry and decorative metal adornments. The process had also been included into decorative works of art metalwork by the Chinese during the Tang dynasty. However, in 1828 Samuel Kirk introduced this “new” ornate floral pattern with high relief and named it repousse. At the time, dull colonial-themed flatware patterns were the vouge, and so these flamboyant and dynamic flatware pieces were a dramatic departure and instantly popular. This popularity spawned a number of Baltimore Maryland silversmiths and metalworkers to replicate this success with such companies as Jenkins and Jenkins and The Schofield Company coming to market with their own flatware versions. In 1915 the Stieff company created the Princess pattern or hand chased rose became popular in their own right, but still, S. Kirk and Son became known as the innovators of bringing this delicate and ornate style to 19th-century flatware.

This large “berry spoon” is a wonderful representation of the finest of S. Kirk and Son’s repousse flatware. The center motif includes an additional fruit and flower decoration and presents this serving spoon as a showpiece that commands attention on the dinner table. The reverse of the spoon is stamped S. Kirk and Son and marked sterling. This the larger of the repousse serving spoons in a length of over 9 inches is a wonderful addition to your collects of silver serving pieces and a brilliant purchase for anyone that collects repousse pattern flatware by S. Kirk and Son.


The spoon measures 9.2 inches in length.


The spoon displays elements of tarnish and surface abrasions to the sterling silver.

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