Acoma Pueblo Photograph Postcard

Rock Stairway To Acoma Pueblo, The Sky City Vintage Postcard


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Vintage images of historical places always translate a sense of memory and wonder. Old images, photographs, and prints can take us back to that time. This original photograph postcard inscribed Rock stairway to Acoma Pueblo, “The Sky City,” S.W. Post Card Co’ Albuquerque New Mexico, is a charming collectible postcard and wall art decor inspiration for a variety of uses. While this card appeals to rare photocard collectors, this old photograph’s photographic element and quality should be noted. Ideal for wall art decor framed as part of a gallery way or narrow wall, this warm-toned black and white photograph image would serve as a welcome addition for early 20th-century photograph wall art.

The image in this photo depicts the old path to Sky City, also known as old Acoma Pueblo. This image came to us from a collection of ephemera and Native American images in the New England area. The card is signed “Southwest Postcard Co,” a known distributor of real photo postcards of the Southwest and Indian tribal cultures during the early 20th century. Their images are notably rare and of value to collectors of ephemera and photographs of Native American history and culture.


The postcard measures 5.45 inches by 3.50 inches.


The card has scratches, staining, and edge wear consistent with the age of this item.
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