Baseball Lucy Figurine

Lucy Van Pelt Peanuts Collectible Made In Japan Dated 1952, 1966


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Product Information

Shop joyful gifts and collect this baseball lucy figurine for sale—dated 1952, 1966, and entitled “Lucy” for United Feature Syndicate Inc. this charming vintage Peanut cartoon figurine is a warm and inspiring collectible of one of the lovable characters from the original Charles M. Schulz cartoon. The figurine depicts Lucy wearing a baseball mitt with her right arm in the air, holding a one wearing a red cap and her signature blue dress with white ruffles.
This rare ceramic collectible Peanuts figurine is a charming and fun purchase for a loved one or for any collector of the lovable Peanuts characters. This figurine comes to us from a collection of vintage Peanuts collectibles from the Northwest.


The figurine measures 2 inches in height and measures 1.4 inches wide.


The figurine displays scuffs and wear with surface oxidation and color imperfections.
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