Antique Wooden Game Box

Made in England Circa 1885-1910


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Shop this unique antique wooden game box for sale. Dating to the late 19th century-turn of the century, circa 1885-1910, this charming game box for the English card game Whist. The top of the box with a white porcelain tile with bold block lettering with the word “WHIST.” inscribed top.

The box features a unique push in button that opens it, and the clean interior of the box is a great place to store trinkets, cards for playing Whist, or just as a charming antique Victorian era decorative box perfect for creating a rich and personable interior space for your home or office.


The box measures 5.4 inches wide and measures 2.9 inches in height.


The box is presented in overall fine condition with minor surface imperfections—the inlaid porcelain tile shows cracks and repairs.

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