Antique Chinese Pottery Bowl

Chinese Blue and White Ceramics Home Accent


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This Chinese pottery bowl is an excellent example of Chinese export pottery and ceramics in the blue and white pattern made for the Southeast market, also referred to as Anamese pottery or Ming trade ceramics, and in this case, the technical name Zhangzhou wares or Swatow ware.

Chinese export porcelain has a long and storied history that dates back to the Ming Dynasty when Portuguese traders first established trade with China. This type of export porcelain was referred to as Kraak porcelain in referred to as the Carrack ships used by the Portuguese for trade. While generally blue and white in appearance, this porcelain differed in design, materials, and quality from the imperial quality porcelain of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and as such, this is generally reflected in the appearance and value of Chinese export porcelain.

This antique Chinese pottery bowl, we estimate, dates to the 16th century or circa the 1500s. While this bowl may be a later piece, the oxidation, glaze, and decoration are in line with other examples of the estimated period. The soft underglaze cobalt blue decoration is presented as botanical tendrils, and a reverse blue on white coloration dances within the center painting of the bowl.


This bowl measures 3 inches in height and 5.75 inches in diameter.


This bowl is in overall fine condition. The glaze has various impurities and sand in the glaze as a result of the firing process—the edges of the bowl display fritting, which is generally associated with export pieces of the period. The bowl is asymmetrical due to the handmade process of export works of art of the period and for the associated market.
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