Alex Caruso NBA Hoops Panini 2020-21

Los Angels Lakers No. 186 Basketball Card


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Product Information

This Alex Caruso NBA Hoops Panini 2020-21 basketball card is available for purchase. The basketball card is from NBA Hoops Panini and is dated 2020-21. On the back of the sports trading card is the number 186. Alex Caruso is a basketball player with the Los Angeles Lakers. This ungraded sports trading card would be a fantastic addition to any sports memorabilia, sports card collection, or NBA basketball fan’s collection of the Los Angeles Lakers.


The card measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches—standard size.


The card is in overall fine condition. It is sold raw and ungraded—the edge and surfaces of the card with minor imperfections. The grey margin is not part of the card.
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