African Style Silver Bangle

Sterling silver 925 signed MJ


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Product Information

Incorporate unique ethnographic art elements into your collection of bracelets and bangles and shop African style silver bangle for sale. Signed MJ and stamped 925 for sterling silver, this finely case silver bangle includes the design elements borrowing from the traditional metalwork of North African folk art, the Tuareg people of Algeria, the Rashaida people located throughout North Africa and the middle east, and elements of Ethiopian jewelry artisans, traditional metalwork, and sculpture.

Cast with high relief decorated woven wire, woven rope, and ball-bearing style geometrical design, this exquisite bangle with tones of silver grey and rich patina is a neutral tone fashion jewelry ornament that looks great in both formal and informal settings.


The bangle measures 2.9 inches in exterior diameter, 2.5 inches in interior diameter, and measures 0.1 inches in thickness.


The diameter of the bracelet appears irregular, with tarnish and minor surface abrasions.
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