Archaic Bronze Bead

Possibly African - 19th century or before


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Create inspiring and unique beaded jewelry and shop this archaic bronze bead for sale. Possibly original to Africa this uniquely formed bead is decorated in protruding cone shapes dull spikes, and presented in a richly saturated dark patina. Perfect for adding to any beaded necklace, beaded bracelet, or any other type of handmade beaded jewelry, this unique bead would also serve as a rustic or primitive style pendant or charm.

A wonderfully unique form and color this bead is a sure standout for anyone who collects or enjoys unique beads. Dating this bead is somewhat tricky; however, we estimate it to have been created during the 19th century or before. This bead comes to us from a collection of rare beads and buttons from a California collection.


The bead measures 0.90 inches in length and measures 0.20 inches in diameter.


The bead displays elements of heavy oxidation and tarnish.

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