Antique Wood Plane

18th century antique tool, dated and inscribed 1789


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Product Information

Inspire your interior decor with the genuine style of American primitives and shop this antique wood plane for sale. Dated and inscribed, 1789, this 18th-century wooden plane is a vibrant and richly saturated unique tool that adds a hot and patinated primitive look to your interior. It is a fabulous object for anyone looking to decorate in the style of farmhouse decor, American primitives, folk art, county cottage style, or anyone trying to create that old German Pennsvania farmhouse style look.

Functional as wall decor or as a tabletop accent, this two-hundred-year-old woodworking tool includes a marvelous primitive folk art carved geometric decoration that adorns the hand-carved date. This item is a fantastic and historical tool belonging to early craftsmen and artisans of the 18th century. This item is an ideal purchase for anyone who collects old tools or for anyone looking to create a unique primitive farmhouse interior style with genuine pieces from the 18th century. This plane comes to us from a New England collection of antique primitives.


The plane measures 4 inches in height and measures 15.75 inches in length.


The item displays elements of chips, abrasions, repair, oxidation, and wear, consistent with the age of the item.
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