Italian Micro-Mosaic Picture Frame

Early 20th-century circ 1910-1920, antique picture frame


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Product Information

Bring the colorful delight and wonder of antique Italian micromosaics to your interior and shop this Italian Micro-Mosaic picture frame for sale. Dated to the early 20th century, circ 1910-1920. The reverse of the copper backing is stamped “Made In Italy.” and the oval glass interior frame an ornate display for placing your photos of friends, family, and your favorite memories.
The frame boasts vibrant colors of bright red, white, and blue, with high relief textured shell fan forms. This lovely antique frame is currently set as a wall frame for a gallery wall placement with a tubular horizontal hook loop. The frame adds an alluring and colorful boudoir or salon-style decor to your interior with vintage Italian glass in the ageless Venitian tradition.


The frame measures 3.4 inches in height and measures 2.5 inches in width. The oval insert measures 2.3 inches in height and measures 1.7 inches in width.


The frame with minor loss to the inlaid glass. The frame with oxidation to the copper metal and light denting. The reverse with tape fragments from the previous mounting. The oval glass frame insert with edge chips.
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