Antique EAPG Glass Cake Plate

Beehive Thistle Octagonal Dish


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This EAPG or Early American Pattern Glass cake plate in patterned in the beehive and thistle design is considered the plate is circa late 19th century and features an octagonal shape form, with a dipped center and lobbed edges.

This glassware plate is ideal in a Victorian setting for Kitchen decor, as serveware or dinnerware, or will even fit into the theme of farmhouse decor for those looking to add a flair of rustic agricultural history into the Kitchen.

As the name implied, the beehive and thistle design featured well-molded bees that hover as an embellishment in the center medallion and the thistle brush that forms as the staple of the design. Early American Pattern Glass has many pattern designs, with some estimates reaching over four thousand designs. Beehive and Thistle is one of the most popular patterns due to its engaging curiosity, which was most popular between eighteen fifty and nineteen ten.


9.25 in. diameter x 1.5 in.height


With minor edge chips, irregular form

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