1974 Christmas Seal Postage Stamp Die Copper & Wood Printing Plate

Christmas Seals Stamps - For Life And Breath Christmas Seals By The American Lung Association


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Product Information

Shop 1974 Christmas Seal postage stamp die copper and wood printing plate. The copper block printing plate possibly not a production die or production plate. For the American Lung Association. The copper-engraved stamp marked “Use Christmas seals.” The copper plate with four scenes of Scottie dogs playing around a Christmas tree, children sledding, children making a snowman, and a postal delivering Christmas presents.

The copper printing plate is an ideal collectible postal item for anyone that collects rare stamps and objects related to Christmas seals. Christmas seals were first issued in 1907 to help end tuberculosis. The labels were placed on mail during the Christmas season to raise funds and awareness for charitable programs.


The stamp mesures 2.6 x 2 inches.


The stamp displays oxidation, tarnish and wear—the wooden block with toning, staining, and cracks to the wooden back.
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