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Thomas Fera 1962 “Resurrection I”


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Shop this 1962 abstract art print for sale. Titled “Resurrection I,” and signed by the artist Thomas Fera this abstract intaglio art print is dated 1962, making it an original mid-century modern piece of vintage art. This black and white abstract print displays the impressions of forms foreground forms against a background of similarly shaped vertically shaped forms—an hommage to the abstract expressionist works of Joachim Probst and Franz Kline produced in an Intaglio form of art printing.

Abstraction indicates a departure from the known world using a visual language using forms, lines, and colors as the sentences and words that create a feeling, an expression of our known reality—abstract art implies. As a form of decoration, this can be provocative, relaxing, and allow one’s mind to be creative in inspiring ways. We must always consider the impact of what we use to fill our living spaces: the shapes, forms, grey and black colors. Abstract art takes liberties in the ways and figures from our own visual experiences, which can be refreshing—altered forms. Abstract art has originated in the 19th century and even before. From the works of De Goya to the contemporary works of William Dekooning, the movements of Cubism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism embraced the subjective gap between the interpretations of abstract art and our understanding of the appearances of our natural world.

Original art prints offer textures and opportunities that oil paintings and other forms of visual art cannot present in many instances well-priced opportunities to create stimulating and original interiors for home and office interior decoration. This art print would be ideal for unique and original abstract art prints or abstract expressionist art prints of the period masterfully created in original spontaneity. The multiple editions is numbered edition 3/25 and are hand-signed and inscribed by the artist.


The sheet measures 15.5 by 13 inches, and the image measures 11.75 by 11 inches.


The paper displays light toning, and unevenly worn margin edges. The margins display edge loss and handwritten catalog numbers at the bottom center.
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