Horse and Buggy Photograph

Circa 1890-1900, Original Glass Plate Negative


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Shop this horse and buggy photograph for sale. Great early black and white images and pictures of the farmstead and horse and buggy are a great way to add a classic touch to your interior decor. This original antique glass plate negative photograph dated 1890-1900 is a charming farm scene-style landscape. The image depicts two ladies on a horse and buggy in period clothing in a field. On a spring or summer day, there are rows of flowers encased in chickenwire behind them. A farmstead can be seen in the distant left of the image. The image as shown includes both corrected and noncorrected image formats.


The glass plate measures 4 inches by 5 inches.


The glass plate image is shown with and without corrections edge chips, surface scratches, abrasions, wear, surface residue, and image imperfections.

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