Tapered Brass Handbell

circa 1900


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Product Information

Include decorative handbells into your tabletop decor and shop this tapered brass handbell for sale. Dating to the 19th/20th century, circa 1900, this loud brass handbell is an ideal addition for anyone looking to decorate their interior with unique antique objects.

The patinated brass tapered bell features a tapered wooden handle and a pointed turned brass finial end. The bell produces a boisterous and powerful ringing tone with a medium to high tuned pitch. Perfect for carrying across a home or space. The object’s worn look makes a well-storied historical look perfect for creating a Victorian or early Edwardian period interior.


The bell measures 6.7 inches in height. The bell measures 3.5 inches wide.


The wooden carved handle appears irregular, with imperfections. The brass metal displays some surface hairlines throughout the metal.

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