Bank of Heaven

Pre 1930s Judaica Ephemera


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This wide-format check is inscribed “Three Hundred Sixty-Five Days of Health, Wealth, and Happiness, Bank of Heaven, printed in Germany.” The bill depicts various symbolism, including a Menorah, a Torah, and the Covenant Tables. The check further depicts a steamship and a zeppelin in the sky. The bottom edge of the check represents the flag of Israel and the Star of David in the flag center, designed by Rabbi Jacob Baruch Askowith, also known as the flag of Judah and displayed at the Zion Hall of the Bnai Zion Educational Society in Boston in 1981.

This item is presumed to be pre-1930s or pre WW2, given the check is printed in Germany, and it would be unlikely this item would have been published post-world world war. This is an unusual item related to elements of Judica and ephemera, similar to Merit awards and other types of exciting prizes and tokens.


The item measures 3.14 inches by 8.46 inches.


The object displays edge loss and toning.

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