Alaskan Tlingit Photograph Postcard

Real Photograph Post Card Early 20th Century


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Vintage postcards offer a unique opportunity to find creative ways to decorate your interior wall decor as part of elements fit for a gallery wall decoration or as a stand-alone for small wall spaces. This vintage postcard for sale on All The Decor is a rare edition for any wall art collection and is a great and creative start for a variety of wall decor ideas.

This vintage photo card is dated to the 1940s and is inscribed into the photograph Chief Shakes, Tlingit people, Wrangell Alaska, with a copyright date of 1940 by Glenora Waters, the image labeled dressed in Tlingit Pacific Northwest clothing.

The Tlingit indigenous culture of the Pacific Northwest of North America and Alaska, also known as the “People of the Tides,” developed in the southeast Alaska coast and the Alexander Archipelago. They have maintained a hunter-gatherer culture throughout the province of British Columbia and the southern Yukon Territory in Canada and throughout Alaska.

The Chief Shakes historic site refers to a collection of Native Alaskan artifacts located on Shakes Island, inside Wrangell Harbor, Wrangell City, and Borough, Alaska, which features a detailed reconstruction of a Tlingit community house.

This postcard would be an ideal addition to a collector of rare photograph postcards or as an addition to a wall art collection with vintage inspiration. This card came to us from a group of photographs and postcards from a New England collection.


The card measures 5.39 inches by 3.54 inches.


The image has toning with wear to the card surface, light abrasions, and edge and corner wear.
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