Editorial and Content Policy

At allthedecor.com, our mission is to provide a trusted and reliable resource for buying and selling art, antiques, books, collectibles, decor, jewelry, and more. We aim to present information about our product categories, related historical information related to our products and product categories, and information related to the markets and use of the products we sell to our customers.

Our process for publishing content includes publishing independent, objective, and up-to-date information for anyone interested in purchasing our products for sale and with interest related to the topics addressed in our informational articles. We continually review posted content for accuracy and make editorial changes when it is found that any content may not be clear, comprehensive, or accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Errors and Omissions

Allthedecor.com recognizes that errors and omissions in presenting reviews, market-related information reviews, and other product information may occasionally occur. In such cases where our visitors see the opportunity to correct errors or misleading statements they may find, we ask that our visitors contact us to alert our team to correct any such content errors.

Product prices, product descriptions, item condition and sizing, and presented titles for sale do not infer or designate their value as a means of professional valuation or as a form of a professional appraisal. While we attempt to present information that we believe to be correct and accurate, based on research or valuation, prices and related content may be subjective or priced based on our business model on half of our consigners and stakeholders.

While we do our best to present the most accurate information at the time the information is presented, we retain the right to make changes, amendments, or updates to any content presented that we may believe may be factually incorrect or inaccurate at any time.

Editorial Review Process

The allthedecor.com editorial team reviews the content we publish to ensure this content is accurate and up-to-date. Content is peer-reviewed by at least one additional member of our editorial team. While aspects of the presented content may be subjective or presented as a form of opinion, we remain committed to present information we hope will be helpful and accurate based on our related industry experience related to our product descriptions and information related to art, antiques, books, collectibles, home decor, interior design, decorating, buying and selling second-hand goods, and jewelry.

Editorial Team

The allthedecor.com editorial team is comprised of experts in the art, antiques, collectibles, and jewelry markets, ranging from certified gemologists (GG) from GIA (Gemological. Institute of America) to qualified professionals, dealers, art advisors, appraisers, all with a minimum of 10 years of professional-level experience in the art, antiques, and collectibles industry.