Creil French Decorative Plate

After Il Faut Boire Et Manger - Marc-Antoine Madeleine Desaugiers


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Shop this Creil French decorative plate for sale. This transferware decorated plate a wonderful addition for anyone looking to create that unique French provincial style—the plate with the inscription Il Faut Boire Et Manger by Marc-Antoine Madeleine Desaugiers. The plate is crafted from Creilware, Oise, and Montereau, known as Criel ware.

This lead-glazed earthenware plate is often referred to as Montereau faience. Montereau faience emulates the creamware pottery of 18th century Wedgwood. In addition to the transfer printed song lyrics and music notes, the late is accentuated with a thick yellow decorated rim with black lined highlights on the front and an impressed mark on the plate’s reverse.


The plate measures 8.5 inches in diameter.


The plate with surface abrasions, minor chips, kiln imperfections, potting, and glaze imperfections, with minor fritting to the edges and wear. The potting geometry is imperfect.

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