Vintage Ceramic Sheep

Japan Mingei stoneware pottery circa the 1950s-1960s


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Product Information

Decorate your interior and tabletop decor with mid-century modern ceramics and shop this vintage ceramic sheep for sale. Dated to the 1950s-1960s, this charming stoneware ceramic sheep handcrafted in Japan as part of the Mingei art movement adds Scandinavian or Danish modern design elements, Japanese ceramics, and pottery within the form of a lovely sheep form sculpture. The natural-toned ground base is accented with a series of textured geometric forms with circular decorated motifs that cascade throughout the oval shapes forms.

This wonderfully decorative object is perfect for your tabletop decor in a mid-century modern or contemporary interior, or fix and match with your catalog of fine antiques and vintage collectibles. The sculpture’s underside displays a partially eroded export sticker marked “Made in Japan,” perfect for anyone that collects sheep sculptures or for anyone that is a sheep year in the Chinese zodiac. This object is a guy buy for anyone looking for unique mid-century modern decorative items that have a unique one of a kind look.


The sculpture measures 4.1 inches in height and measures 5.5 inches wide.


The pottery sculpture displays minor wear and imperfections consistent with the age of the item.
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